10 Accounting Project Topics (2020 Updated)

10 Accounting Project Topics (2020 Updated)

in Accounting on February 3, 2020

Here’s a list of accounting project topics ideas for final year undergraduates.

S/NAccounting Project Topic
1The Effect of Tax Administration on Revenue Generation in Enugu State
2Role of Financial Statement in Investment Decision Making
3Problems and Prospects of Auditing in Government
4Internal Auditing as an Aid to Management
5Enhancing Corporate Accountability Through Effective Audit System
6Effectiveness of Inventory Management in a Manufacturing Company
7Developing Effective Strategy for Pension Administration in the Nigerian public sector
8Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statement as a Managerial Tool For Decision Making
9Accounting Information System as a means of Enhancing Financial Management of Transport Company
10A Comparative Analysis Of The Impact Of Inventory Valuation Methods On Financial Report Statement In Some Manufacturing Companies In Enugu State


A complete list of project materials can be found here

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