NNPC Past Questions & Answers


This post is intended for applicants who are getting prepared for NNPC aptitude tests and need past questions and answers.

NNPC aptitude tests are intended to help the corporation in choosing fitting contender(s) to fill their empty positions. The test serves as a means for the organization to pick the best candidates to fill in the different vacant positions according to their field of study. Most candidates for the exams usually fail because they have no prior knowledge of what the tests entail.

This file contains a collection of NNPC past questions and answers (various subjects) written by applicants who have applied for various positions in the past. Have you been shortlisted for NNPC recruitment? Are you on the verge of getting a job at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) ? Download this pdf material to get you informed about the type of questions you should expect on your aptitude test.

NNPC Past Questions and Answers PDF

This pdf document contains NNPC past questions and answers divided into General questions and skillsets. They are available for immediate download!

Questions and answers in various categories like:

  • General Questions
  • Finance & Social Science
  • General Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Medicine

The first part of the pdf document contains questions and answers divided into General questions and skill tests. All candidates will take the General questions which can be retrieved from Pages 2 to 6. You are only obliged to answer one skill test questions segment that fits your area of expertise. Finance and Social Science skill test can be accessed from Pages 7- 11. General Engineering skill test from Pages 12-15. Information Technology skill test from Pages 16 to 19. Medical skill test from Pages 20 to 24 and General Science skill test from Pages 25 to 28.

The second segment contains NNPC test questions. It can be seen from Pages 29 to 92.

The last section contains NNPC interview questions accessed from Pages 93 to 96.

Why you need the NNPC Recruitment past questions and answers 2020/2021

  1. NNPC Past questions and answers helps you get familiar with what past questions look like, in-order to get prepared for similar questions.
  2. Arm yourself with Knowledge.
  3. Everyone needs to have a copy of this file, it could serve as a perfect gift for a spouse who intends to work at the NNPC.


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How to Download NNPC Past questions and answers PDF

We have a 96 page pdf file that contains comprehensive questions and answers to help you get you fully aware of what to expect on your day. It is available at a flat fee of ₦1500.

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Happy Preparations!

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